Lakes around Grenoble

View Lakes around Grenoble in a larger map, check the Isere Tourism map, or explore my waterfalls map.

Planned hikes are routes that I've sketched out using the maps, and haven't attempted.  The number in brackets for each hike is the highest altitude, and the second number is the altitude gain, giving an idea of the difficulty.  A fit walker with a light pack should plan on 400m/hour of altitude gain on a good path.

Hiking in the mountains can be dangerous, and shouldn't be attempted without proper prep, training and gear, including map, compass, waterproof, food, etc. If you lose the trail - stop and go back.  Creating your own trail in the Alps can lead to serious injury or even death.  Advice in French.

Check the weather forecast, and let someone know where you're going before you leave.

Tracks and waypoints provided via kmz files can be viewed and manipulated in Google Earth, or converted to gpx files for GPS devices with GPSUtilty.  Coords can be converted between formats.