Lac Goleon - Parc National des Ecrins

I decided to take a walk last Saturday to do an overnight, but with no forward planning... I had to find somewhere not too far without too great a height to climb, so looking to my lakes map - I identified Lac Goleon in the Ecrins national park as one I'd not visited before.

Turned out to be a reasonable walk (750m up, 6km) as I had to park at the lower car-park, not wanting to risk the dirt road.

Looking back down the valley as I climbed I wondered if I'd make it in time for sunset, so just paused briefly to capture the first pano. As I was shooting into the sun I found I needed to stack 2 ND grad filters; and to pay attention to keeping it level as I panned from one side to the other.

I made it with around 20 minutes to spare before the sun descended below the ridge and the mountains to the right lost the light. It took 10 minutes or so to get the camera into the best position close to the water on the tripod to let me capture the rock in the foreground and the reflections in the lake. I took 5 shots bracketed, and processed in Oloneo.

As I was setting up my trailstar for the night, I noticed the clouds clearing, and realizing that the moon wouldn't be out for a few hours, so I waited for darkness & went to see if I could spot the Milky Way before going to bed. 

Would you believe it!  It was sitting right above the La Meije range. 

So of course I tried a few combinations of lens, shutter speed, and ISO, and ended up with a pretty good first attempt.  30 seconds wide open with my Samyang 7.5mm fish eye at 3200 ISO on my OM-D E-M5 gave me the best results.  Next time I think I'll try to limit at 1600 ISO, and my 12mm f/2.0.

It was so cold overnight (at around 2,500m in Oct - and I was surprised?), that I almost didn't make it out for sunrise.  Just as I woke I saw the light through the tent changing colour, grabbed the camera and a pair of trousers, and made it up to grab this pano.

Yes - the light really was almost that purple!

Trail map below...