I sold a pano!

OculusVR, developers of the Oculus Rift selected a group of 200 panoramas from 360Cities to help demonstrate the capabilities of Oculus VR. Images were chosen for their beauty and impressiveness when viewed on the Oculus device.

You can see Oculus CTO John Carmack talk briefly about 360Cities and the experience of viewing panoramas in VR at 36 minutes in.

This isn't the first time I've sold a pano, but I have no illusions of being able to leave my day job to sell panos as stock photography. The first was a gigapan of the Mer de Glace shot with a Gigapan robot, licensed to a geography textbook.

If you want to try your hand at it as well, 360Cities licensing isn't a bad place to start.

To see a few more of my panoramic images take a look at the pano page here, or my 360Cities profile.