Le Vallon de La Fauge

A day snowshoeing with a local mountain leader (Luc Mortier - Nature photographer).  We set off from a small parking area just above Villard de Lans, and trekked across the fields to reach the Fauge Valley, then took the path up the valley side across Pont d’Amour to a frozen waterfall.

Towards the top of the valley we broke left into the trees, and up towards the Cabane de Roybon (but didn’t stop). 

I think from here we could have climbed up to Col Vert, however one of our party had got a little damp from a slip while crossing a stream, so turned back towards the car. On the way back we passed through a very spooky pine forest rather depressing and regimented after the proper forest we’d traversed through on the way up.

Once out of the plantation we found ourselves at the head of a great white field - which was most awesome for running down!