Alpine Lakes around Grenoble

Since moving to Grenoble I’ve been doing some hiking in the alps, and occasionally stumbling across some of the georgeous alpine lakes of the area. As I was looking for new potential locations to hike to, a friend from the photoclub at work started doing a lot of alpine lake photography - and I started making a note of some of the places he visited, along with lakes that I’d visited, and a few I’d spotted on Google Earth and Panoramio.

I also found an interesting list of Lacs de France on Notre Belle France, but it isn’t that well illustrated.

Camp to Camp also has a pretty awesome list of lakes along with refuges, hiking routes etc - here’s a search for Lakes in the Belldonne, Vercors and Charteuse region, or one for Lakes across France.

So - here’s the results so far.  It is a work-in-progress, and I’m happy to take suggestions for new lakes (just add a comment with the coordinates or a google maps link + a link to a photo showing the lake that I can embed). I’ve coded the ones I’ve visited in green, the ones a friend has been to or recommended in yellow, and others in blue.

View Lakes around Grenoble in a larger map, or create your own Google MyMap