More memory for your mobile?

After downloading ViewRanger GPS and a few maps to my phone, I decided it was time to upgrade my microSDHC card. I have a 16G Class 6 at the moment, but with music, videos, and maps, I’m almost completely out of space.

Whilst I usually go for the fastest possible memory cards for my camera, I don’t think my NexusONE is going to be that impacted by dropping to a Class 4 card, and there are no Class 6 or above 32G cards available at the moment. Wikipedia has a good summary of the class rating system for Secure Digital cards.  NexusSteve, the admin and creator of is also of the opinion that Class 6 is overkill for the NexusONE.

Oh - and the image? That’s an 8GB SDHC sitting on 8 bytes of magnetic core memory!

There is one on sale from Komputerbay claiming Class 10, but I’m not sure I believe their claims, and wasn’t willing to risk it.

In the more reputable camp, there’s a couple I can find on Amazon UK

In France I’ve found the following

Have you upgraded your mobile phone memory card to 32Gb? Is the new card working well? Let me know in the comments.

Or are you going to hold-off given the emergence of cloud services like Amazon cloud player and Google Music Beta? I was putting it off… but who knows how long it will take these services to reach Europe…