Paris panoramic - La Tour Eiffel

I’ve just added a panoramic shot I took from the Eiffel tower last year to my panoramic photo portfolio.

I couldn’t stitch this at the time because I shot it from multiple view-points (not having access to the top of the tower!). I took 3 shots from each of the sides and corners of the viewing platform - so I certainly wasn’t rotating the camera (or myself) around the nodal point, and normal stitching would have created all sorts of errors.

However the current version of AutoPano (2.5 and later) gives us a checkbox to select multiple viewpoints - which attempts to compensate for movement in the nodal point.

One click of that, and I had a perfect stitch.

I still had a large gap in the sky, and of course below my feet, but a little Photoshop and touch of image re-use from a popular mapping service (hope they don’t notice :), and I’ve got a full equirectangular image suitable for krpano. I still need to do some more training on Photoshop to work out how to blend the sky a little more professionally, but I ran out of time today. 

Click the above thumbnail to see the image in it’s full glory.