Grand Veymont

The hike to the top of the Grand Veymont is a great one, perhaps because the Grand Veymont is the highest point in the Vercors.  It is approached from the village of Gresse-en-Vercors at 1270m with a good 1,100m altitude hike covering around 10km distance.

The path from the car-park is well marked as the Sentier Central all the way up to the Pas de la Ville - from where you can head for the summit, or descend onto the high plains of the Vecors.  Heading up to the summit is a more challenging route - with a little scrambling, and a few exposed places. Nothing a well-trained local couldn’t cope with (and the age range I saw scampering up this path ranged from 12 to 85 today!), but if you’re not good with heights - you may want to give this one a miss.

I understand that the route from the south, through Pas de Chassens is less exposed.

Inspired by some great photos from Russell Standring who walked up while it was dark, I attempted to get out of bed early for this one.  I didn’t quite make it as early as Russell, but getting on the trail at 7am gave me most of it to myself (on the way up… the way down was a different matter!).

The Bouquetin (or Alpine Ibex) were really tame - and quite curious as to what I was up to, on the mountain before most sane people had risen from bed.  I didn’t see quite so many later in the day - so if you’re looking for a good view of these chaps - get up early!