Sort flights by agony with Hipmunk

If you’re anything like me - you waste ages sorting through flight options looking for the best possible flight, at the lowest cost, hopefully using the alliance that you prefer, and flying through the closest airport. I have a couple of go-to sites that I’ve been using for a few years - SkyScanner for low-cost carriers, and kayak for all others, but I’ve just added hipmunk to the list.

Hipmunk is a service from Steve Huffman, co founder of Reddit and Adam Goldstein co-founder of BookTour, that’s funded by Y Combinator.

It allows you to set your preferences on take-off and landing times, preferred airlines, and then see all of the flight options - sorted by ‘agony’ in a really easy to understand table view.  Agony combines a number of factors including price, duration, and number of stops. You can also sort by the usual price, stops, times or duration.

Check the demo-girl video below - or just give the website a try.

Thanks to @rovingengineer for tweeting about this this morning.