TomTom would like my feedback

How many emails do we all get these days with requests to fill out ‘just a short survey’.  I don’t know about you, but I get dozens each week.  Sometimes I just delete, but occassionally I respond - because I want to let a company know that it needs to do better; or to tell them that their staff have been exceptionally good.

TomTom sent me an email today, with this link to an online survey form.  

So this time - I think I’m going to provide feedback.  Note that I’m clicking on a form around 15 hours after the email was sent - so it’s not like the email has been sitting in my inbox for weeks.

Hmm.  Thanks TomTom for wasting my time.

So I thought - ok - time to un-subscribe. Nope - no unsubscribe link in the email. Very bad practice.

So then I though I’d send an email to customer services at TomTom.  Nope.  No email address.  I have to find my login details; and fill in a web form. That just seems like far too much effort.

So what’s left.  A public blog post, and a couple of tweets.

TomTom - Your email marketing sucks!