Home office desktop shredder

Fellowes Shredmate desktop Shredder

I went looking for something to replace my ageing A4 paper shredder - and found this little beauty.  It’s a tiny machine 18.5cm wide x 14cm deep x 24cm tall - yet capable of shredding 4 sheets of A4 (folded lengthways), along with staples (although I usually rip those out myself), or credit cards.  

UK: Shredmate Cross Cut Shredder
USA: Shredmate Cross Cut Shredder

As suggested by the privacy folks due to the risk of identity-theft - I wanted one that does cross-cut - which means it cuts both into strips and then cuts the strips again - so it makes it harder to reassemble your personal information.  This doesn’t cut into the smallest pieces possible, but I think it’s fine for domestic work.

I only use it for shredding personal info (any junk mail I get with my name & address on - credit card applications and the like), and the occasional printed document I bring home from work that I don’t want to drop into the recycling container; so I wouldn’t class myself as a heavy user - so for me it’s fine.

The reviews on Amazon.co.uk indicate that it has a plastic cog which wears out after a year or so of use - however I can’t see any evidence of this in the current model (although I haven’t taken it apart myself, so can’t be sure).  Ask me again in a year - and I’ll tell you if it’s still working ;-)

Oh - and don’t forget the lube! - Fellowes Powershred - Cleaning oil / lubricant