Which 720p 16:9 webcam should I buy?

I’d like to buy a new webcam that does 720p, and shoots in widescreen (16:9) format - for use on Skype or for grabbing content that I can either capture; or broadcast via ustream.  I understand that USB2.0 isn’t good enough to do 720p live, but I’d still like to be able to use the widescreen format; and be able to capture content for editing later.

I currently have the excellent Logitech Pro 9000 - and find it to be both an excellent webcam with mic for Skype.  The only real problem I have with it - is that it isn’t widescreen, and I can’t hook it on my laptop and swivel it 360 degrees.  It only points in the direction that the laptop screen is pointing in.

From my initial research, the two I’ve identified so far that might fit the bill are the Microsoft LifeCam Cinema, and the Microsoft LifeCam HD-6000.  The former looks like it’s likely to offer better quality optics (glass), hence possibly a better quality picture (and the reviews back this up); however it’s also the first gen of 720p webcams.  The HD-6000 is a more recent product - however it’s much smaller - and doesn’t talk about glass optics - so I’ve gotta beleve it’s a plastic lens - hence likley to offer lower quality optics.

The other thing that backs up this theory is the fact that Microsoft list the Cinema at a higher price than the newer HD-6000.