How to create a world wide rave

I just came across this webinar from David Meerman Scott - on how to create a world-wide rave (or in other words, how to get your ideas out into the world and to spread via social media). It is a 1-hour webinar - but I think it is a worthwhile watch if you’re in some sort of marketing role. The concepts of a World Wide Rave isn’t new, but I think the concepts that David talks about are still very valid; especially if you’re the sort of marketeer that believes in providing a lead-capture ‘gate’ before customers can get to your content.

The Q&A session at the end of the talk is also very interesting. The book that expands on this is the World Wide Rave (which I’ve just added to my audible queue), and David’s current blog is WebInkNow. He goes through some of the ideas in his ‘Lose control of your marketing’ ebook.