The Social Media Universe

Social media, E2.0, conversational marketing, and Crowdsourcing are all topics that are I’ve been following over the last couple of years, but so far it has been an interesting diversion, not my day-job. That is still the case, however I’m now convinced more than ever that everyone in R&D, marketing, or PR must start living and breathing in this new space.  

It is no longer acceptable to assign a stagier, student or new-grad as a department’s social media rep - and to have them re-purpose content from press releases into the social media stream.  (Ok - so it hasn’t acceptable that way for some time, but we all know places where this is still the way it is done …)

My personal mission is now to fully grasp this space, from end to end, and to map my journey through it here and elsewhere.  This will help me get my thoughts straight, and I hope that it will also serve to help others.  

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I’ll start the journey by introducing you to Brian Solis’ Conversation Prism.

The Conversation Prism by Brian Solis and Jesse Thomas