North Face Sentinel Boa running shoes

Whilst scanning my facebook newsfeed the other day I came across a mention of a new pair of running shoes via Boa Technologies - the North Face Men's Sentinel Boa.  These are designed for road and trail use, and are listed on the North Face site at $130.

The thing which caught my eye was that the lacing system used twice the number of loops as the regular Boa system on running or hiking boots, along with a new design for the lace-hooks.  This suggests that it might provide a better, closer fit to the top of the foot - although without being able to get my hands on a pair, it's difficult to be sure.

I commented on the facebook note - and Boa responded with "Andy, ultramarathoner, gear guru, Dean Karnazes has been running in this shoe and can't stop talking about the benefits! Glove-Like Fit, Uniform Closure, Micro-Adjustability!".  Great praise indeed...  Dean mentions the Sentinel Boa on the Never Stop Exploring blog.

So I immediately went to check the North Face page for availability in Europe - and as per usual - nothing yet.  North Face still seem to be restricting most of their Boa system footwear to the US.  I posted a question to the North Face facebook page, haven't had a response yet.  When will companies realise that the first two W's in WWW mean World Wide.  If you release a product anywhere these days, and publish info about it on the net - consumers around the globe are going to see it - and become frustrated when they discover you're only selling it in one region.