Could you slide to navigate Metro?

I was just listening to Paul Thurrott and Leo on Windows Weekly 145 talking about the new Metro UI, used on the user interface for the upcoming Windows Phone 7 Series.  Paul describes it as one large multi-column canvas on which the phone acts like a little window - and allows you to scroll across it.  He then goes on to talk about how this would be great if you up-sized the phone to a slate-type device - so that you would be able to see a bigger section of the canvas.

At that point, I could visualize this virtual canvas on to which the phone is giving you a window.  Now imagine that you're holding the phone in front of you - and slide it to the right.  The accelerometer in the phone detects your motion, and moves the canvas in the other direction - making it seem like you're really just sliding the phone/window around on a real invisible canvas.  Wouldn't that be awesome?

You could easily visualize this big canvas with all of your stuff on - and just slide the phone around to get to the bit you're interest in - whether it be menu interfaces, photos, a slide-deck, or even a big spreadsheet.

You could even imagine the phone with a micro video projector in the back - which would allow you to project a larger section of the canvas onto the desk or a wall - and you could still slide the phone to navigate around it. 

Is this a new concept?  Or has it been thought of before?  Is it already on Microsoft's roadmap I wonder...

You can read more from Paul on his Supersite, or checkout Microsoft's info on the Windows Phone 7 series here.