Crowdsourcing a new name for this site?

I’ve been pondering over the name of this blog for a couple of weeks. When I started hosting my own site on the net the .name domains were just being launched - so I dived right in and grabbed, thinking everyone would follow in this trend. It had been great for email, and for pointing people towards my web presence; but the expected ‘next big thing’ growth in the .name domain clearly hasn’t happened. I frequently have to assure people that .name is a valid domain.

When I migrated to, I created the simple sub-domain, and redirected to point to it through This works ok, but neither address is especially memorable - and neither are really that descriptive of the content on this site (which is a mix of technology & gadgets, mountain walks & geocaching, and some life-hacking posts). If I upgrade to the next level of squarespace account, I could mask the - and just use the address.

If I do decide to migrate to a new domain name - I’m going to need something unique, memorable, and potentially descriptive of the content on the site today, and of any content I might post in the future. It also needs to be available in a .com, and on twitter. Or perhaps I should just stick with andybryant - and get a address (.info, .net or .org). Hmm. Quite a tough challenge. So far, I haven’t had a eureka moment, and the shortest ones names are predictably unavailable.

  • tml
  • tmlife
  • techml
  • techmlife
  • techmountainslife
  • technolife
  • andybryant

Hence… I’m thinking of crowdsourcing the name creation process.  The best reference for this concept is the book - Crowdsourcing: Why the Power of the Crowd Is Driving the Future of Business (US) (UK), which came out a couple of years ago, and captures the concept with a series of examples.  I remember reading this book and being really excited about what it could do for the company I work for (however actually getting it into the thinking of the leaders in the business is a slow process …)

If I had a larger twitter following, I could use that to ask for suggestions; however I’ve only just started my personal account - but might try anyway.

I did a quick scan for sites created with the specific purpose of naming things, and found namethis and namingforce.  The latter didn’t seem to have a whole lot of activity on the site, and namethis seems to be going through some financial issues, preventing the regular namers from extracting their fees (although both the site and company still seem to be active).

I’m interested to hear if you’ve got any ideas for crowdsourcing a new name; or any ideas on the name itself.  Please comment below - or catch me on @andybryant.