UK TV Listings - Digiguide

I’ve been using Digigide as a UK TV listings guide for years (since Dec 2000!), and just thought it was about time I shared this with the community. The software is clean, fast, and allows you to see all of the channels you’re interested in on one screen. You can highlight individual programs or a whole series, or hide certain categories, or programs from the grid view. The filters that allow you to tag certain programs are extremely flexible - allowing you to look for certain keywords within the program listings; or to exclude certain channels, or particular series/seasons from the view.

In the latest release (8.4), they’ve also added the capability to save and restore your settings to a local file - or their servers. This makes it easier to take your favourites from one system to another - which is especially useful when combined with the 3-PC license for digiguide (3 PCs, not 3 users).

Pricing is very reasonable - starting at just £9.99 per year if you sign up for for 1 year, dropping to£34.94 if you sign up for 5-years.

The team also publish a weekly email providing a good set of TV highlights, or you can follow them on twitter @digiguide. Click on the banner below to give it a try for 30 days - for free…

DigiGuide, the best TV guide