New Garmin Oregon 550 and Dakota GPS

The excellent GPSFix blog alerted me today to some recent device news from Garmin.

First of all - there’s the new high-end Oregon devices, the 550 and 550t with integrated 3.2M camera, 3-axis compass, and an ‘improved’ screen.  See the video below for a quick overview. 

There is also a $669 offer for a Garmin Oregon 550 ultimate package from Offroute, good through June 30th consisting of the 550, City Navigator, Topo US 100k, 4G microSD, case and auto-kit.

The second bit of news on GPXFix relates to a leak of two new low-ish-end devices - the Dakota 10 and 20 - the that look similar to the Oregon, but have a 2.6” screen (as opposed to the Oregon’s 3” screen).  There’s more on the GPS review post on the Dakota, including the theory that it might be a replacement for the etrex, or perhaps the Garmin Edge line up for cyclists.