Chamchine / Charmont Som

This is a route plan for a geocaching hike I did to help get in shape for my TMB holiday this summer. I tried it in early May, but turned back due to the snow. In June, there was no snow left, and I went for it…

The route presented below isn’t quite what I did - because I tried to find an alternative path up to the ridge next to La Pinea - and ended up going off-piste on a near vertical hill face. I would never recommend going off path in this area - and as soon as you think you’ve lost the path - would suggest that you back-track and try to find it again. (Not that I follow my own advice…)

It starts at 950m, climbs quickly to around 1600m to approach the first optional extra - the climb to La Pinea at 1706m, and another when you get to Bergeries, where you can refresh your water container and sup a cold beer; or take the extra hike to the summit of Charmont Som at 1840m. You may find it very busy at Charmont Som - due to the fact that it is one of the most attractive and easily accessible (you can drive to it!) mountain summits in the area. Total altitude gain/loss if you do Charmont Som but not La Pinea (as I did) is 1400m.