SatMap raster mapping GPS - more countries

I’d spotted the SatMap device before, but hadn’t taken a serious look at it, other than noting that it is a raster-based mapping GPS device. This means is shows you exactly the same sort of view that you would get from a real map (such as a Ordnance Survey or IGN map). These maps are a lot more expensive to buy than the usual vector maps you find on the smaller GPS devices - so you’ll probably only purchase maps for the specific region you’re interested in, rather than at Europe, or Country level.

Spec highlights include

  • 18mm patch antenna
  • 2-axis compass (so you don’t have to hold it flat
  • 3.5” backlit colour LCD
  • Built-in LiPolymer battery OR 3 AA batteries (so it looks like you can carry AAs as a backup)

On checking the latest news on PocketGPS world, I see that they’ve started to branch out into European maps. At this point they’ve got the UK, Germany, and Switzerland maps in 1:25k and 1:50k; and French and Austrian in 1:50.

They mention in the FAQ that they’re thinking about adding some software to show the data associated with a geocache from the GPX file. This will make it quite an awesome geocaching device, but it isn’t there yet.

I googled a couple of reviews, all of which look fairly positive.

On Amazon UK, you can see the two versions, of which I would strongly reccomend the Plus version - with the included LiPolymer battery-pack

Not something for me to spend the gadget budget on just yet (as I only bought a Garmin Oregon 300 last year), but perhaps on the next refresh cycle.