Philips VoIP841 Skype DECT phone

Just bought this phone from Skype. Great! I did a search through a couple of reviews, and it seemed to be the best of the bunch out there as a home-phone that runs on DECT. I decided this would be a better choice for my use at home, as most of the WiFi phones don't work well in a hotspot (no browser), and I've got a windows-based GSM/PDA anyway.

It works fine... with the only minor downside being that you can't have a head-set connected while the handset is on the charging station.

I looked around for the best supplier in France, but couldn't find one that wasn't over-priced vs the US or UK. In the end, it turned out that the lowest price was Skype themselves, and they bundle it with 5 months of SkypePro.

Update: I've just checked, and can't find the exact phone, but the Philips VOIP3211 looks similar.