Net gear announce standalone Skype WiFi handset

Another development I've been anticipating is an integrated, standalone WiFi Skype phone. Netgear have just announced one for 2Q06. You can tell from the wording below that they've not worked out how to enable it to log in to paid hotspots. As there are so may different systems for this, I can't say I'm surprised. (Mind you - this might be a good idea for one of the companies involved in hotspot provision - hey QuiConnect - any thoughts?)

Press Release Detail - NETGEAR: "The NETGEAR WiFi phone will make mobile Internet telephony a reality for Skype users. Unlike other devices that must connect with a PC, NETGEAR’s Skype WiFi phone will work wherever a consumer is connected to a wireless Internet access point — be that in a home, office, cafe, open public hotspot, or any open municipal wireless access point being deployed worldwide."

I also note that from back in June05, there were examples SIP/GSM based phones on show in Taipei: Skype, VOIP handsets on show at Computex. There was no mention of UMA integration, making we wonder if these really just 2 devices in one package (like a smart phone running SIP or Skype software). Check VoipUser for reviews of more VoIP phones

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