Getting things Done

I forget how I happened across the Getting Things Done by David Allen. It might have been a Google on task lists in Outlook, or an Amazon referral. Not sure. Either way - I'm currently working hard to try to make the methodology work for me. I'm already feeling more relaxed about the huge amounts of stuff I have to do in my job, although it isn't quite second nature yet.

I'd recommend that anyone who finds themselves continuously worrying about stuff that they need to be doing (open-loops) take a look at the book.

This isn't going to become a GTD blog - as there are already plenty of those out there. Suffice it to say that I'm working with multiple Categories on Outlook tasks as my primary method for capturing the ToDo lists, and OneNote + email folders as my general reference filing system. It is working reasonably well (however ActiveSync for multiple categories to my iPaq isn't reliable).


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