VoIP: SIP Clients & Cheap calls

I’m starting to get somewhat overloaded with SIP & IM clients, so I’ve been looking for a better all-in-one solution. Multi-network IM clients have been around for a while such as the popular Trillian, or the more recent GAIM, however neither of these works with Skype or SIP. PhoneGaim looks interesting, but it seems to be tied to a specific SIP operator.

Recently I’ve been using pulver.communicator 0.94.4 for FWD (free world dialup - SIP), MSN, ICQ and Skype. This works well, however I’ve had some issues maintaining a good connection to MSN. It also requires that you have Skype running in the background.

I’ve just signed up with Call1899 for low cost UK & mobile calls. This service is accessed via a dialled prefix from a normal phone line. It also provides a SIP or IAX service for outgoing calls, with no line-rental!

So now I need a SIP phone that works for FWD and Call1899. The only one I’ve come across so far is Xten. This gives me access to my FWD account for incoming calls as well as the Call1899 account for outgoing PSTN calls. It has no IM capabilities & doesn’t talk to Skype.

So at the moment I’m using MSN Messenger, Skype & Xten. If anyone can suggest a better solution, please add a comment.

Update: Ok - getting closer. I’ve just found the ‘3rd party version’ of Firefly, which can access the firefly service, or 3rd party SIP/IAX services. I’ve configured it to make calls on FWD, or Call1899, however I can’t seem to get it to receive calls on FWD. Settings required for FWD were SIP: 5060, RTP: 8000, Use Stun, Server: stun.fwdnet.net:3478. Network: SIP, Server: fwd.pulver.com, Username: 459107, Use STUN.