HD-Ready label announced to reduce consumer confusion

The European consumer electronics industry and the European Broadcasting Union have just published a definition for manufacturers to use for HD-Ready. Hopefully this will reduce the number of instances where a SD 42" plasma is being sold to a consumer as future proof, and will increase the number of HD-Ready screens available.

"In essence, the HD-ready label can only be attached to displays that meet the following conditions:

* have a minimum of 720 horizontal lines;
* accepts HD inputs via:
o analogue YPbPr, and;
o DVI or HDMI;
* can accept 720p/50, 720p/60, 1080i/25 and 1080i/30 inputs;
* the DVI or HDMI input supports content protection (HDCP)."

New Scientist reports that "A survey by the UK-based market researcher Screen Digest found that only half of all plasma TVs on sale in Europe - and none of the cheaper ones - can display HDTV pictures"

Sources: EBU Technical Review New Scientist