Email services

Ok… first blog… Most people need an email service that isn’t tied to their ISP. This allows you to change ISPs, without having to tell everyone what your new email address is.  My two preferred options would be fastmail or gmail.


  • Good, feature-rich fast webmail service with POP3, or IMAP access
  • Free accts with advertising, or upgrade to 19.95/year for no adverts & 600M email and 30M file storage
  • Will automatically collect email from other POP services (such as your ISP)
  • Fantastic spam & virus filters
  • You can use whatever ‘from’ email address you want to
  • Automatic email filing - goes to my inbox, and goes to my jobs folder
  • If you signup for a paid account, and enter ‘andybryant’ in the ‘Referrer’ field on the signup screen I get a small referral bonus.
  • They’re based in Australia, but use IBM servers hosted in NY & Norway.
  • Membership options:

Google mail (gmail)

  • Innovative, Fast webmail service, with POP3 access (but no IMAP yet)
  • One gigabyte of free storage, FREE !!!
  • Built-in Google search that instantly finds any message you want
  • Automatic arrangement of messages and related replies into “conversations”
  • Text ads and related pages that are relevant to the content of your messages
  • Gmail isn’t open to the public yet, so you need an invite to join. There are plenty of services around the net offering to match up people who need an invite with those that have one (including the discussion board below)

There is a discussion board for free email providers here

I actually use my own domain for email and web, but redirect those messages to fastmail. This way I can change web-mail providers without affecting my external email address. I’ll post something on having your own domain, and web hosting providers another time.