Southampton Pub Guide (1998)

This is my guide to pubs in, or around Southampton. The beers lists are from memory, and will have changed by the time you read this.

  • The Glen Bar


    Lots of cheap beer, but you need a Glen card to enter. Good variety of guest beers, and if you ask the boss, he may even get a barrel of your favourite next time. Has now been refurbished, and enlarged. The old bar was removed, and the bar area was extended through the old cellar, making a bigger area. The huge space that was there before has been subdivided into a number of smaller areas with some huge wooden beams. If you havn’t seen it yet - go give it a visit. It’s the best of the hall bars, by far… and I’m not biased ;-) Beers: Directors, Best, Boddingtons, Murphy’s, 1 or 2 guests.

  • The Dolphin

    St Denys

    My favourite pub in Southampton at the moment, serving a variety of ales with a few guests. Food is served on most days, including a Sunday roast for 3.95. The Chocolate cake is pretty good. Not a typical student haunt, but still friendly. Beers: Bishops Tipple, Deacon.

  • Talking Heads


    This may just be my second favourite pub in Southampton. It has a large back room, where they have a quiz, comedy, plays, and live music. (All on different nights.) They also have a front bar which is always free entry, even when there is an act or something on in the back bar. Late night opening on Friday, and Saturdays. (possibly also on Thursdays.) Last entry is at 10:30, however you might be able to get in later if you have a membership card. Summer madness offer at the moment gives you any draft beer at 1.30 a pint, on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. (I think.)
    Beers: Royal Oak, Hardy County, Guinness

  • The Brook Inn

    Portswood Road, behind University

    Recently refurbished, and enlarged, this pub provides regular live music in Southampton

  • The Hobbit


    THE student pub in Portswood. The inside of the Hobbit is not all together large, but once you get outside, the garden is huge. Live bands play regularly. The beer is average for Southampton, with a few ‘guest’ beers that don’t seem to change very often. I’m sure Wheat beer has been on all year. Late licence every weekend. Food available on Sunday mornings, but it hasn’t been the same since Stormin’ Norman left. Beers: Wheat beer, Flowers, Boddingtons.

  • The Gate

    Burgess Road

    Well known pub, not least because it’s the second closest to the University. Recently refurbished, and almost good enough to take your parents to. The Gate comes with high recommendations from the local beer fraternity, since I have seen the local CAMRA representatives drinking in there more than once. The Real Ale Soc. also meet there on a Friday Lunch-time. I did notice an offer of buy 8 pints, get one free, a while ago, but I don’t know how serious they were.

  • The Crown & Sceptre

    Burgess Road

    Serves Old Speckled Hen

  • The Cowherds

    The Avenue, in the Park

    Good family pub during the day, and very busy on hot summer days. Great for getting a pint & sitting out in the park. Serves Caffreys

  • The Frog & Frigate

    Ocean Village

    A very popular pub with those that like a good sing-along, and can remember the talented Derek. A small pub which manages to squeeze a lot of people into a small space, and ensures they all have a good time. Late licence at the weekend. Beers: Directors, and a very good brew called ‘Frog’.

  • Bevois Castle, The Valley, Portswood

    Burgess Road

    Average pub. Drop in if passing.

  • The Red Lion

    High Street, City

    Very old pub, used by some King or other to hold his court. Great pub.

  • The Still and West

    On the enterance to the Harbour

    “I am from Portmouth originaly and would like to mention my favourite pub in all the world. The Still and West, it’s located right on the entrance to the harbour and they pull the best pint of HSB you’ll ever taste (talk about amber necter them Ausies no nuthin).”
    — Simon Johnstone


  • The Highfield


    Errm - only ever been here once

  • The Crown

    Highfield, behind University Physics Building

    Good quiz night. Good food.

  • The Hedgehog and Hogshead

    University Road

    The closest pub to the University, and the only brew pub in Southampton. The Hedgehog, brews it’s own beers, with names like DogBolter, and Bertie’s Best. Some of it isn’t that bad either. Occasionally has live music of the sing along variety, or just plain old foot tapping Country. Check the blackboard outside the pub before going in.

  • The South Western

    St Denys

    Another good Real Ale pub, although perhaps they could do without the Labatts sign outside. (Just a suggestion …) A good selection of guest ales are available. Small garden.

  • The Dorchester


    I can only remember going here once, and that was at the end of a Real Ale Soc pub crawl, so forgive me if my memory is a bit hazy. An Irish pub, I believe, so sample the Guinness, but beware, it has been classed as foul by an Irishman. The place also has a late licence at the weekends.

  • The Crown and Sceptre (aka Dungeon)

    Burgess Road

    This is here, not really as a pub, but more of a Night-club. There is a pub upstairs, with the Dungeon club downstairs. The pub atmosphere feels more like a locals pub, but the club is not bad. Think of Jesters, with less people, about another 2 inches headroom, and 1/8th of the floor space. The pub serves Bishop’s Tipple, among others.

  • Jolly Sailor


    Great food, nice pint, long way, and was the pub in Howards Way.

  • The Drummond Arms

    Welbeck Avenue

    Serves some sort of steam beer.

  • The Mitre

    Portswood Road

    Avoid the 99p a pint beer - only good if you like crowded smokey atmospheres. The Guinness is not bad.

  • Clowns


    Not a real ale pub. In fact, really just a stop of point for those going to Jesters. The only redeeming qualities of the place are the 4 pint jugs of beer, happy hour, and free entry to Jesters. Beers: 6X

  • The Dog & Duck

    Near the Walls, City

    Has Thursdays nightclub below. (Institute watering hole)

This is my personal guide to pubs, in or around Southampton. The views expressed above are not necessarily representative of the views of Southampton University, or of anyone else, for that matter.

Last updated: 6 Dec 1998