Malaysia - Cameron Highlands

I got the bus to Tapah for 10 RM (one pound is worth about 3.7 RM), and then an expensive taxi to Tanah Rata, and the Twin Pines Hostel. The first people I met were Nicola and Owen, both from my year at Southampton Uni. We went out for a meal, then watched a really dodgy video of Mission Impossible, a la camcorder in cinema style. The next day, we got a bus up to the Boh Tea plantation, then down to Brinchang. I attempted to do one of the walks marked on the tourist map (2 then 3), but got lost at several stages. The maps are not only ‘not to scale’, but they are completely inadequate for some of the paths. It took us about an hour to find what might have been the start of the track, through the back of a monk’s garden, up a very slippery and muddy slope. We trekked up hill, down hill, down stream, up stream, and through forest. Anyway we found the road about an hour before sunset, and walked back to Brinchang in about 20 minutes. We had been trekking through the jungle for about 3 hours.


That night I went out with Nicola and Owen for a steamboat at 12RM per person. A steamboat is rather like a fondue, with the oil replaced by a stock. You wait for the water/stock to boil, then cook the food yourself. It was fun, and highly recommended, as long as you cook the chicken properly.