Townsville - S.S. Yongala

My second dive trip of this summer was to the wreck of the Yongala, aboard the Mike Ball Watersport. We did 3 dives the first day, a night dive, and then two more dives the next day. My dive buddy was Simone from Switzerland, and sometimes Tripp from New York tagged along. The wreck was pretty awe inspiring with lots of coral, and plenty of fish. Many parts of the vessel are still intact, and you can swim the length of it, looking in to see things like a toilet still in place. On my third dive of the day, the current had really picked up, and all the big fish from the surrounding area converged on the wreck for shelter. I swam round the bow, and looked down on a huge (2m across) Bull Ray. Tripp then tapped me on the arm and pointed up, just as this 2m shark swam by. Simone was trying to find a place to hide, and I just sat there staring. Later that same dive we saw about 15 Eagle Rays ‘flying’ over the wreck, in formation. That was cool.


I went back up to Magnetic Island for the night, and we went down the beach again, before catching the bus to Airlie the next day.


I’m typing this bit of the log in a Café in Byron Bay, but it is really sunny outside, and I’m just off to do some real surfing… So I’ll finish this later. Perhaps much later…

* Newsflash (Dec 1997): I just received am email from a disgruntled Townsville resident. It would seem that Townsville has more to offer than I gave it credit for. I guess that perhaps their Tourist Information facility can’t be working too hard, or else I just got bad information from a fellow traveller. If anyone has any better information on what there is to do in Townsville, please send me the URL and I will provide a link to it. Anyway - I suggest you take a look, and see what you think for yourself.