Townsville - Magnetic Island

Arrived in Townsville and hopped straight across to Magnetic Island on the ferry. I was told that there was nothing much worth seeing in Townsville*, apart from perhaps the Aquarium. I stayed in Geoff's Place for a couple of nights, and enjoyed both of them. Accommodation consists of collection of chalets and a space for tents. They also had a bar, and ran party/drinking games in the evening. (Well, there's not a lot else to do on Magnetic Island.) The beaches are amazing, and the sun seemed never ending. The cheapest to stay there was to buy ferry ticket and several days accommodation from MB travel at the bus station.

The first night I was there, they had a casino night, and then Damper Sculpting on the second. The next day, I went for a walk to Florence Bay, and went snorkelling off the beach. I saw loads of coral and fish, and I even saw a baby ray, just 100 yards off the beach. Cool. I didn't get time to go on the Koala walk, because I met Shona on the beach, and couldn't drag myself away till it was too late.

Later that day I also met Lucinda and Claire, (a couple of twins you may remember from the wet t-shirt competition at Magnums, Airlie Beach.) Anyway, when I got back to my room at Geoff's Place, I open the door, and Steve is standing there.

Steve was on my course in Southampton, and I knew he was coming to Australia, but I didn't know where or when. It's a small world. That evening, after the bar closed, we went down the beach, had a camp fire, and went swimming. Cool. That evening, I also met the cousin of the chap who owns the village shop back at home. He recognised me !!! The next day, I booked into the Mike Ball Shop for my second dive trip, onto the Yongala.