I was only in Sydney for a short while, so it was difficult to form an impression of the place. Most of the backpackers that I have spoken to, loved the place. My first thoughts were that bits of it were like small parts of London, and that the Opera House and bridge were smaller than I had expected. One of the days I was there was taken up by an Oz Trek day trip to the Blue Mountains. I’d have liked to have spent a week there, but had spent far too much time coming down the coast. The blue colour comes from gasses given off by the Eucalyptus trees. In the evening we went out to the King Henry 9th pub, then the Kings Cross Hotel (24 hours of music and beer a day !), then the top floor of the Kings Cross Hotel building (very weird ambient trance sorta stuff), and finally the Underground just up the road (more my style) till 4 am.


The cheapest way to see the bay from a boat was the return trip to Manly on the slow ferry. I also did an afternoon trip to Bondi beach, but it was rather cloudy, and the surf wasn’t that good there anyway. I went up Sydney Tower just to see the view, and climbed one end of the bridge. The aquarium was also pretty good, with a large open water predator tank. I stayed in Glebe Village Backpackers - which was pretty friendly, and cheap, and clean. It was also away from the noise.


The second night, I went out for a meal with Neville and Ali, from the Rum Runner trip, and then went up to an area called the Rocks for a few beers. It was nice to see Nev, and Ali again, but the Rocks was a bit expensive, and a touch yuppiefied. Another area in town contains all the best night-clubs, and all of the seedy sex joints - as it’s name suggests; Kings Cross. I even found one called Porkies, believe it or not.


I found a great cyber cafe in Glebe, on Glebe Point Road, called Well Connected, but I didn’t have time to update this page.