Hervey Bay

I booked into Beaches on the reputation of the one at Airlie, but it wasn’t very similar. The rooms were nice with en-suite bathrooms, but there wasn’t much life to the place. There is almost bugger all to do in Hervey Bay in the evening. In two weeks time it may improve dramatically because they are opening a bar, so it may turn into a party hostel then. The only hostel worth a bar at the moment is Koala’s which seemed good from the outside. The only good bar in the place was Shennanigans on a Thursday, when they have a backpacker night. Other nights I suspect it would be a bit of a wine bar.


I went whale watching with Mimi MacPherson on the first day, but didn’t get to see any whales. The ticket is still valid for a month, until I get a sighting, but I really don’t have time. We saw lots of dolphins though, and I think I got a few good shots of them jumping up out of the water.


Nearly there, but the cafe is closing, and I need to catch the bus to Sydney tonight. (I’m in Byron at the moment) I may catch up with this in Sydney, but I reckon I’m going to be fairly busy so this might be the last update for a bit. Don’t worry - I will finish it off eventually though…