Fraser Island

I went along to the meeting organised by Beaches at 3pm, to join a self drive 4WD trip to Fraser Island. The ‘team’ were Anita (or Holland), Anita, Nikki, Chantel, Cheyenne, Nick and Marie (or Irish). We were given the introductory talk by one of the staff from the hostel, then Chantel and Cheyenne went shopping for the food. The next day we got the ferry across to Wonggoolba Creek, drove to Central Station, and then across to Eurong and onto the main highway. For those of you that don’t know - Fraser island is the largest sand island in the world. That means it is all sand. The only way to get from one end of the island to the other is to drive up the beach on the east coast. This is only possible a few hours either side of low tide. Due to the timing of the tides we decided to bomb it up to the Waddy Point campsite for the first night. Some of the sand dunes near the camp site were just huge. Walking up one of them we spotted a dingo at the top. Later that night, we met a bunch of Aussie fishermen, and spent the evening supping 4X & singing songs around their camp fire. Three of our party actually managed to get lost on the way back from the fire to our tents - a long trek of about 15 minutes up the beach - and they waited until dawn before managing to find the tents…


The next day we sat on top of Indian Point (one of the only rocky outcrops on Fraser), and looked out to sea, but didn’t see anything. We drove past the Pinnacles, and the Cathedral, and looked at the coloured sand formations on the way south, (wow). We drove down to Lake Wabby, as recommended, and set up camp in a secluded spot a few yards back from the beach. After walking up to lake Wabby, we attempted to slide down the sand dune on a VB carton - again, as recommended by the chaps in the hostel, but it didn’t work. We cooked the pasta on the camp fire & Anita, Nick and I then slept out by the fire.


On the third day, we drove / walked down to Lake McKenzie, and sat on the beach for an hour or so. It was rather cold, but the beach was nice. Finally, we got the freey back to the mainland, dropped off the 4WD, got a few beers in, then caught the bus to Byron Bay.


I discovered, just as I was leaving Hervey Bay that there was indeed a Cyber Café, called Polymetrics, at 63 Old Maryborough Road, Ph 244050, but I didn’t get a chance to visit it.