Byron Bay

Byron Bay Arts FactoryIt was a long journey to Byron, and I arrived at about 11 in the morning at the Arts Factory. As the bus rolled up, some surfer dude was playing Crosstown Traffic on his electric guitar. How cool is that. Anyway - the Arts Factory has a sorta strange reputation as a place for wannabe cool, alternative travellers to hang out. It is attached to the Piggery, a vege cafe which used to be a music venue a few years ago. I just thought it was a rather cool, friendly place to relax for a while. Yes - there were some rather strange people there, but that is Byron Bay for you. I liked it. Byron itself was a small town, with a nice beach (and the occasional chap practising nude yoga on the beach.)

I tried a half day learn to surf course through the Byron Surf Shop - which was great fun. I managed to get the basics, and nearly stood up. With a bit more practice it shouldn’t be too hard. Cool fun anyway.

Oh yea, and the day I got off the bus I went for a floatation tank and massage session. The massage was really good, but the floatation tank was rather dull. I didn’t get in contact with my inner soul, but it did feel rather strange, like I was floating freely across a huge expanse of water. Hmm - perhaps I should have been taking hallucinogenic drugs at the time …

Next was an overnight bus to Sydney