The Rum Runner

This was my first real diving after my Open Water course back in England, and was excellent. I reckon that I have been completely spoilt for diving now, and probably will not dive again in the UK. The boat I went out on went out to the Coral Sea, to Holmes reef, way beyond the Great Barrier Reef. From comparisons I have heard made with the Great Barrier reef, the Coral Sea is equal to, or better than some of the best sites on the Great Barrier Reef. The visibility was in excess of 30-40 most of the time; the coral was amazing; and the fish life abundant. I made 9 dives on the trip, and upgraded my Open Water to an Advanced Open Water ticket with a deep (35m) dive, a night dive (with torches) and a drift dive at the Abyss (a 1km drop of the outer edge of the reef) and the usual few others. The shark feed was pretty cool - they sat us down on the bottom, behind an imaginary shark cage, and threw a skewer of meat from the boat in front of us. Many fish dived in, and then about a dozen sharks had a go as well. We only saw white tips, and grey sharks, up to about 2m in length, but apparently they usually get some bigger beasts. I wasn’t disappointed. Once the white tips had grabbed a chunk of meat, they usually wanted to get into the bommie (large mound of coral with many passages or swim throughs) behind us. This meant that they swam straight for us - gave us a nasty stare, and then swam round. I can only recommend that you don’t miss this one. I don’t have time to go into the details here, but if anyone is interested, feel free to email me and I will expand. I met quite a few people here including a bearded Paul, a couple from Sydney (Neville and Ali), a backpacker (Abi) and her dad, and a lass from Melbourne called Kate. The crew were all friendly - with Greg (Skipper), Phil (Instructor) Andie (Divemaster & unpaid) and Jane (Cookie). Great food Jane - and I would have loved the Thai curry.

Update 2009: When I visited my parents this Christmas, I discovered that they’d captured the video-tape from the trip, so I re-encoded it, and uploaded to vimeo.  Apologies for the low-quality - but it was a pretty old VCR tape… 

Rum Runner from Andy Bryant on Vimeo.