A Grand Day Out To Australia

Welcome to my Australian Internet journal (re-published from original HTML into a blog format, but otherwise unchanged).

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Herein lies the diary from my 2 month backpacking trip around Australia and Malaysia. It contains lots of information, some of which may be useful if you are planning a trip to the region. Comments about any of the places I have visited, or questions about my trip, are welcome, and may even be added. In addition, if you fancy writing a travel journal about your trip I may be persuaded to host it on my page. All you’d need to do would be to send me journal entries from Cyber Cafes, and I’d do the rest. Fun eh?

Note: The information on these pages is a personal diary of my trip containing my personal views and documenting a few stories I collected along the way. Neither my employer or my internet service provider have any control over what is documented here. It may, or may not be correct, and I take no responsible for what you do with the information.