I discovered B&W film photography at school where I learnt the basics of composition, dodging & burning; but after I lost access to the dark room, my photography tailed off.

After moving to France in the summer of 2005 I re-discovered photography through digital in the mountains around Grenoble, and have since been on a mission to find the right balance between photographic gear, panoramic techniques and ultralight backpacking. 

When the light is good, I can often be found in a bivouac by a lake waiting for the sunrise, or travelling to interesting spots in places such as Iceland, Ladakh, Nepal, Lofoten & Japan. In the winter, snowshoes give me access to the mountains to continue the exploration all year round.

I also help to manage the photographic workflow and editing of more than 1,500 photos submitted each year by the Ut4M volunteer photographic team.

You’ll find blog entries on this site on a variety of subjects some of which include Amazon.com / co.uk shopping links (via geni.us). If you find my advice useful, and go on to purchase something recommended please purchase through one of the links on my site. You’ll pay no extra for this, however I will get a small commission from Amazon. 

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